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Obtaining a green card is an essential aspect of the immigration process for becoming a lawful permanent resident (“LPR”) in Los Angeles. The green card acts as a license demonstrating that foreign nationals have completed the necessary immigration procedure and are on track to achieve full citizenship. It also gives you the right to remain in the US indefinitely and pursue gainful work.

There are various procedures for acquiring a green card. US immigration law matters are continuously changing; therefore, it is crucial to understand the green card application process, eligibility standards, and paperwork before you begin your application.

Immigration law in the United States is a vast body of federally administered laws, regulations, and procedures that control the admission of foreign nationals into the country, as well as the rights, responsibilities, and obligations connected with such entry.

You do not have to navigate the green card process alone. Instead, you can consult a Los Angeles green card attorney to help you with your green card application. Save yourself from visiting several law offices and consult with our experienced attorneys.

Available Green Card Categories

Following the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has divided the application procedure for a green card into several categories:

Family-Based Immigration

Immediate family members and relatives of US citizens and green card holders may apply for a green card or permanent residency via family sponsorship or family visas. An immediate family member in this context could be a spouse or unmarried children. Relatives, on the other hand, refer to more distant family relations.

Under this category, the spouse of a lawful permanent resident might qualify for a green card through marriage. We strongly recommend you a free consultation a family immigration lawyer at our immigration law firm to understand your options.

Employment-Based Immigration

Professionals, employees with specialized talents, and immigrants with extraordinary abilities may apply for a green card via employer sponsorship. You may want to speak with a business immigration lawyer to understand your options.

Special Immigrant Visa

Religious workers, minors who have been abuse victims in their home country, international broadcasters, nationals of Afghanistan and Iraq, and employees of select international organizations are typically eligible for permanent resident status and are classified as special immigrants.

Refuge & Asylum

Immigrants who would face physical harm or persecution in their home countries and have lived in the US for a year may apply for green cards under the refugee and asylum category. Also, a refugee who has lived in the country for a year may apply to become a permanent resident.

Victims of Human Trafficking & Crime

A victim of human trafficking with a nonimmigrant visa and a victim of crime with a nonimmigrant visa are both eligible for a green card.

This green card category was created to protect family members who rely on a relative’s citizenship to remain in the country if they are abuse victims. Abused spouses and children are eligible to apply for their green cards.


You can apply for a US green card through the registry if you have lived in the United States since January 1, 1972, and possess “good moral character.”

In addition to these methods, dozens of specialized immigration laws permit people in unique situations to apply for green cards.

If you need to know where you belong, it is essential that you consult experienced green card lawyers in the Los Angeles area for assistance. Green card lawyers may help you initiate your green card application and determine the most convenient path for you and your family. We provide green card consultation and discuss immigration issues to prospects in L.A. and Southern California.

How Do I Apply For a Green Card in Los Angeles?

The application procedure for a green card varies according to your status and immigration needs, but the main steps are as follows:

  • Someone petitions on your behalf (family, spouse, employer, etc.). It may be possible to file your own application as a self-petitioner in certain situations.

  • The USCIS grants the petition.

  • A visa becomes available for your category.

  • You submit a visa application with the U.S. Department of State or a Green Card application with the USCIS.

  • Complete your biometrics appointment.

  • Complete your interview for a green card.

  • Receive a verdict about your application.


How Can A Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Assist You?

Because immigration matters can be intricate and fraught with possible traps, it is usually best to engage the services of an experienced immigration lawyer. In several ways, hiring skilled immigration attorneys may expedite your immigration process.

It is vital to hire an experienced and successful immigration lawyer. In your search for a law firm, consider the ones that practice immigration law, naturalization, and other related areas.

You can be certain to receive the following benefits when you work with the Law Office of Diana L. Levy, P.A.:

Strategic Counselling

Part of the job of an experienced immigration attorney in California is to serve as a reliable counselor. Providing personalized service may generate insight into the chances of success and other alternatives. This might considerably decrease the worry and stress involved with the immigration process.

Avoiding Errors

Errors in the immigration procedure may be quite expensive. In some instances, it would have been less costly to employ an immigration attorney from the outset than to pay someone to correct the errors created by attempting to handle the matter on your own.

Therefore dealing with an attorney is vital as it can save you from making mistakes with irreversible implications.

Minor technical errors, such as utilizing an obsolete form, might drastically delay your case. Your application may be denied by the National Visa Center (NVC), which might add months to your case processing time.

However, when you retain the services of an experienced attorney, the lawyer will exclusively focus on your case and endeavor that your petition is completed and submitted appropriately. That will help you avoid delays and boost the possibility of success.

Appeals and Representation

In some cases, your immigration process may not go as planned. You might get a decision on your application that you believe is unjust. For instance, if you think your asylum application was denied unjustly, your immigration attorney may be able to file an appeal on your behalf.

In these situations, an immigration attorney may examine why your application was denied, discuss your choices for moving forward, and draft and file an appeal.

Los Angeles immigration lawyers may also represent clients in court in deportation and removal cases if necessary.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Immigration Lawyer in California?

Based on whether the lawyer charges an hourly rate or a flat rate, it is difficult to predict the total cost that your lawyer will charge you.

However, you do not need to be alarmed; immigration attorneys in California are generally affordable. Ethical guidelines of the law profession prohibit lawyers from charging excessively; their fees must be proportional to the service performed. Consequently, a typical immigration attorney’s fees are reasonable.

Our legal team is available to evaluate your case and determine how much our services will cost you.

Benefits of Hiring a Green Card Lawyer in Los Angeles


Navigating your green card issues can be challenging, especially when you are not aware of the right information. Hiring and working with a green card lawyer in LA comes with numerous benefits. With the extensive knowledge about the broad spectrum of the green card application matters, your lawyer can guide you about the complexities and help maximize your chances of success.

Here are some beneficial points you should consider.

Expertise and help with complexities

A green card lawyer know about your issue, its leading consequences, and solutions, more than you do. They stay updated on any changes that take place in the legal system landscape and help you with it.

With this information, your attorney can guide you through the series of intricate steps and deadline, and help you ensure that your application is submitted accurately and on time.

tailored guidance based on individual circumstances

Each case comes with special points and factors. Your attorney can provide you a personalized advice tailored to your special case and outcome interests. You can ask your lawyer for the best route to obtaining a green card and address potential challenges with grace.

help in documents preparation

Preparing documents for your application can take time. But you are required to submit the application in a specific time frame. To help you ensure that you meet the deadline, your lawyer can help you gather, complete, and submit the required forms and documents.

Representation in Court

Your green card lawyer will represent you during interviews and court hearings to help ensure that your rights are being protected. Your lawyer will also help you prepare for the hearing and interviews to help you prepare on how to respond to questions effectively.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Getting a permanent resident status for you and your family shouldn’t be difficult. Our immigration attorneys are well-versed in immigration law. We are committed to helping and guiding our clients through this complex procedure.

We may assist you if your family requires help acquiring a green card. Our lawyers are also aware of the deportation processes, and we may be able to offer exceptional representation if the need arises.

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