USCIS Announces Changes to Stand-Alone I-130 Filing Locations

USCIS has announced changes in the filing locations for Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Effective January 1, 2012, domestic petitioners will mail their stand-alone I-130 applications to either the Chicago Lockbox or the Phoenix Lockbox, depending on where they reside in the United States. USCIS has also announced that the new filing locations will be updated with the corresponding addresses on January 1 on the Form I-130 Direct Filing Locations page. There will, however, be no change in filing locations when submitting Form I-130 along with Form I-485, for Adjustment of Status, and individuals filing these forms together will continue to mail them to the Chicago Lockbox facility. Petitioners filing from overseas addresses in countries without USCIS offices will continue to file at the Chicago Lockbox facility. Petitioners residing in a country with a USCIS office may either send their I-130 forms to the Chicago Lockbox, or file them at the international USCIS office having jurisdiction over the area where they live.

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