USCIS enhances filing process for select Naturalization and Citizenship forms

USCIS has informed that it is enhancing the filing process for select Naturalization and Citizenship (N-forms) forms. Beginning October 30, 2011, the new process will allow individuals to file these N-Forms at a secure Lockbox facility instead of USCIS local offices and individuals should begin submitting affected forms directly to the appropriate Lockbox beginning October 30, 2011. USCIS will centralize intake of Forms N-336 (Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings), N-600 (Application for Certificate of Citizenship) and N-600K (Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322) at the Phoenix Lockbox facility. The Dallas Lockbox facility will handle the Form N-300 (Application to File Declaration of Intention). Individuals filing Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, already file at a Lockbox facility.Forms received by local USCIS offices during a transition period between October 30 and December 2, 2011, will be forwarded to the USCIS Lockbox facility for processing. Forms received at local USCIS offices after December 2, 2011, will no longer be forwarded but will be returned to the individual with instructions on how to re-file at a designated USCIS Lockbox facility. USCIS has informed that it has updated the information on N-Form Web pages regarding filing forms at a Lockbox to clearly identify this change in procedure. Individuals have been advised to carefully read the form instructions before filing the form to ensure that they are filing the correct form type at the correct location. Any individual submitting the wrong form type for the benefit sought will not receive a fee refund; instead, they will have to re-apply using the correct form and pay a new fee.

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