Are you frustrated trying to navigate the confusing U.S. immigration process? Diana Levy is an experienced immigration attorney who understands what you are going through. She will be your partner throughout the entire process.
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Business Immigration
Immigration through investment in the United States 
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U.S. Citizenship
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Family Immigration
Marriage Cases and other Family-Based Petitions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How will you help me get my immigration benefit?
A.   During the initial interview, I will learn all I can about your education, experience, business and employment goals, and close family ties. This allows me to identify the most appropriate immigration category to suit your individual needs.
Q.   How many types of immigration cases are there?
A.   With a few exceptions, U.S. immigration is broken up into two general categories:  family-based cases and employment-based cases. Family-based cases depend on an immediate relative who can sponsor you for a visa or green card. Employment-based cases depend on an employment or business relationship that entitles you to a visa or green card. My web site offers basic information on most types of immigrant and non-immigrant visa classes.
Q.   Do I have to pay your fee up front in order to work with you?
A.   No. I offer comfortable, affordable monthly payments of my fee that make very easy to work with me on your case.
Q.   How does the process work and how long will it take?
A.   That truly depends on the type of case I do for you. Each case has its particular process and each step of the process involves a waiting period for adjudication. I will discuss with you the steps of your individual process and the approximate wait times for each step.
Q.   What types of documents will I need for my case?
A.    The types of documents required to prove a case are case-specific. I will give you a checklist to guide you in providing me with the documentation I need to get your case approved. I will also discuss with you other options in the event that you are unable to provide certain types of documentation required for your case.